Sweden's global connectivity in research

This report maps the global connectivity of the Swedish research community and proposes policy conclusions that can be drawn from observing the current patterns of collaborative networks of Swedish scientists.

The analysis focuses in particular on the balance between intra-European and intra-continental collaboration. Thanks to the EU Framework Programmes for R&D, European research co-operation has been greatly strengthened over the past 20 years. Swedish researchers are today participating very actively in this co-operation.

While the strengthening of the European Research Area (ERA) in and of itself is a very positive development, it raises the issue of whether this co-operation has diverted attention away from developing much needed research co-operation with other parts of the world.

The analysis has been performed by Lennart Stenberg, senior adviser at VINNOVA, who has also written the report. Staffan Karlsson at the Swedish Research Council (VR) has provided customized data for the project from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science (WoS) database at the Swedish Research Council. This report has been produced as a contribution to the project Agenda for Research (Agenda för forskning).

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