To all researchers and mentors involved in Mentor4Research 2014

Newletter from Mentor4Research June 2014. News from some of the Experience exchange meetings, the LinkedIn alumni network, and the Travel expense account.

Gothenburg Experience Exchange Meeting

Gothenburg was first out of the gate by holding a creative 24-hour workshop on 22–23 April in Marstrand. The workshop was run by Lena Homberg and André Kelkkanen in close cooperation with Innovationskontor Väst. The focus was on having all of the participants take part in a commercialisation process based on each researcher’s intellectual assets. The workshop involved intense activity with everybody working hard around the clock. The result was excellent and, after the 24-hour workshop concluded, everyone, although exhausted, was happy with what they had achieved. The workshop ended with a vote to adopt the best hypothesis, which was also very much appreciated.

Stockholm/Uppsala Experience Exchange Meeting.

Stockholm/Uppsala held a traditional joint session at IVA on 13 May. A main focus of the meeting was defining the role of the researcher in the commercialisation process, where, while continuing to deliver important research results, the researcher as an innovator is active in the process of developing a product/service or takes on the more unusual entrepreneurial role of actually attracting paying customers. The meeting also addressed which complementary competencies need to be included in a successful commercialisation team. The session concluded with a discussion on how to use the Travel Expense account creatively to add new and valuable business contacts outside the academic sphere.

Linköping Experience Exchange Meeting.

On 23–23 May, as part of the Linköping University programme, a successful lunch-to-lunch seminar was held for the fourth consecutive year on the island of Hasselö led by Johan Ahlström. Mentors and mentees focused on defining and preventing the bottlenecks that arise in the commercialisation journey. Potential business models and the specific need for new networks were also addressed at the meeting. “I think the retreat was a great success overall. What maybe was lacking was more time.... but that is also a function of how great the discussions were,” concluded business mentor Torbjörn Norberg. “It was a good way to have more in-depth discussions. I also appreciate hearing about other projects. You can learn so much from the real experiences of others,” added researcher/professor Anna Fahlgren.

Join Mentor4Research Alumni Network Group at LinkedIn.

As a participant in M4R 2014, you can  join this exclusive “members only” discussion group right now. If you are not already a member, you can join by making a “Request to Join” at LinkedIn.  The purpose of this group is to keep in touch with fellow researchers and mentors, to exchange ideas, discuss best practice and ask for feedback, support and so on.

Use the Travel Expense Account.

You are all encouraged to use the M4R Travel Expense Account! It is clear that the researchers who have used the travel expense funds the most have accelerated their growth the most within the programme. Be sure to discuss your plans for using the Travel Expense Account at your next researcher/mentor meeting!

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