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Call for proposals for IVA's 100 list 2024

Research should benefit business and society. This is the background to IVA's 100 list, which highlights current and promising research projects. We are now looking for candidates for the 2024 100 list, the sixth in a row. The theme is innovation through interdisciplinarity.

Technology in the service of humanity - innovation through interdisciplinarity

The researchers and research teams we are looking for must be based in the disciplinary domain of technology or economics at a Swedish higher education institution or research institute and work interdisciplinary to solve burning societal problems and strengthen the competitiveness of the business community. 

The research projects will make use of knowledge, perspectives and methods from several different scientific disciplines to find innovative solutions to complex problems. Examples of some areas where research can address challenges and needs are:

  • The transition to a fossil-free and circular business and society.
  • Smart, sustainable, efficient and circular extraction/recycling of raw materials and energy efficiency.
  • New production processes and the development of new regulations.
  • Development of green and blue* industries towards a resource-efficient bioeconomy.
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"Being on IVA's 100 list has helped the research and the company with capital raising and recognition on an international market."

Researcher on IVA's 100 list 2019

The deadline for applications is August 15. The 2024 100 list will be presented in November.

The application specifies one of seven areas of application. These are used, for example, when publishing on iva.se.  

  • Circular economy
  • Deep tech
  • Green and blue* industries
  • Society and welfare 
  • Infrastructure
  • Smart industry
  • New business models

* Definition of "Blue Industries": Is a term used to describe areas and activities that are related to the sea and water. The term is a parallel to "green industries". "Blue" refers to the color of the ocean and water, and it also has a meaning of sustainability and environmental awareness.

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About IVA’s 100 List

IVA’s annual 100 List pulls together a wide range of research projects from Swedish higher education institutions on topical themes. The selection process picks out the projects that are deemed to offer the greatest potential to create value through commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. All the participating researchers are interested in closer contact with the business community for the application and continued development of their projects.

All about IVA’s 100 List – Q&A


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