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The Academy’s Divisions

IVA’s approximately 1,000 Swedish Fellows are divided into 12 Divisions. The Divisions monitor and work on issues in their specific fields, not least by organising seminars and other activities related to current events in the wider world. The Divisions are involved in work on IVA’s programmes, projects and consultation responses within their specialist areas, and put forward new Fellows of IVA for election. The Division Secretary is always a member of IVA’s Secretariat.

Mechanical Engineering (I)

Mechanical engineering, science that generates the efficient technical development of engineering products and systems. Questions concerning the integration of product development and manufacturing.

Chair Per Grunewald 
Deputy Chair Catharina Modahl Nilsson
Deputy Chair Victoria van Camp 

Secretary Ingrid Jansson 

Electrical Engineering (II)

The electrotechnical, electronic and software engineering sciences and issues relating to systems, plants, devices, components and materials.

Chair Erik Dahlquist
Deputy Chair Sonja Berlijn
Deputy Chair Ulla Sandborgh 

Secretary Karin Byman

Building and Construction (III)

Technical issues concerning buildings, infrastructure and transport. General questions regarding design, planning, processes, project management, and issues related to energy, environmental and water resources.

Chair Monica von Schmalensee
Deputy Chair Kristina Mjörnell 
Deputy Chair Holger Wallbaum

Secretary Staffan Eriksson 

Chemical Engineering (IV)

Chemistry and chemical engineering.  Analysing and taking the initiative on issues where chemistry-based knowledge contributes to economically and environmentally sustainable development.

Chair  Henrik Thunman
Deputy Chair Staffan Folestad
Deputy Chair Ulrica Edlund

Secretary Staffan Eriksson 

Mining and Materials (V)

Mining, mineral and material science at all stages from ore and mineral deposits to research into new materials and the production of finished materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers.

Chair Susanne Norgren
Deputy Chair Leif Asp
Deputy Chair Kerstin Konradsson 

Secretary Per Andersson 

Management (VI)

Business economics, industrial economics, organisational structures, and the history of engineering and economics. Matters concerning business enterprise and leadership that can contribute to the development of more effective, competitive and innovative enterprises in business and public administration.

Chair Marcus Lindahl 
Deputy Chair Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist
Deputy Chair Signhild Arnegård-Hansen

Secretary Malin Mohr 

Basic and Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences (VII)

The basic engineering sciences, industrial applications of engineering and the interdisciplinary engineering sciences.

Chair Erik Lindahl
Deputy Chair Johan Åkerman 
Deputy Chair Anne Lidgard

Secretary Per Hjertén 

Forest Technology (VIII)

Forestry technology, process engineering and systems for handling raw materials and products in the forestry industry. Issues that are important for forestry and forest industries in a broad sense.

Chair Carina Håkansson
Deputy Chair Johan Lindman
Deputy Chair Erik Serrano

Secretary Pia Linghede

Economics (IX)

The economic sciences, with an emphasis on economics and its link to business administration, as well as how economics and technology intersect. Issues of importance to Sweden’s economy and its function.

Chair Fredrik Sjöholm
Deputy Chair Ingrid Bonde
Deputy Chair Lars Hultkrantz 

Secretary Hampus Lindh

Biotechnology (X)

Biotechnology, food science, health technology, environmental technology and process engineering, as well as their applications primarily in basic research, the pharmaceutical industry/healthcare and the agricultural/food industry. Issues that may stimulate developments in biotechnology.

Chair Eugen Steiner
Deputy Chair Elisabeth Lindner
Deputy Chair Rikard Landberg

Secretary Kristian Nilsson

Education and Research Policy (XI)

The content and organisation of the educational system, management of research and development within universities, colleges, institutes and industry.  Administration of public systems and service providers, support systems for R&D activities, research into research and development activities, plus the history of technology and commerce.

Chair Pia Sandvik
Deputy Chair Lars Börjesson
Deputy Chair Elisabet Nihlfors

Secretary Caroline Ingvarsson

Information Technology (XII)

Computer science, information technology and telecommunications, as well as their applications and importance for social development.

Chair Anette Novak    
Deputy Chair Fredrik Heintz
Deputy Chair Åsa Zetterberg  

Secretary Linda Olsson 

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