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Royal Technology Mission to the Netherlands

Last week, the 2024 Royal Technology Mission (RTM) to the Netherlands was carried out. The delegation, led by HM The King and IVA's Chair Marcus Wallenberg, consisted of leading representatives from academia, business and the public sector in Sweden. The focus of the trip was AI, quantum technology and cybersecurity.

"Openness to the outside world, exchange of contacts and constant learning new things are crucial for Sweden's development. Through IVA's technology missions, we provide an opportunity for leading players in academia, business and the public sector to develop, make new contacts and contribute to increasing Sweden's competitiveness," says IVA's Chair Marcus Wallenberg.


See more photos from the 2024 RTM here in our album on Flickr

The purpose of the mission is for leading representatives from different sectors of society to acquire new knowledge and establish new contacts. Sweden is a small country, but well positioned in the international competition. One of the explanations for Sweden's position of strength is that it is so easy for different parts of society to work together to solve common problems. IVA builds bridges between academia, business and the public sector.The Royal Technology Mission (RTM) is a way for us to bring together representatives from these different sectors of society, with the aim of strengthening Sweden's competitiveness.  

This year's RTM focused on new technologies, such as AI and quantum technology, but also processes such as digital and green transition. The delegation visited both Delft University of Technology and its "House of Quantum" and Wageningen University and Research Foundation as well as Leiden's Bio Science Park.  

The delegation also visited the port of Rotterdam, which is the largest port in Europe and employs around 250,000 people.  

Sweden and the Netherlands have many similarities; we are both innovative knowledge nations in northern Europe, we are both open economies that prioritise international cooperation, and we have a common view of how the EU should develop. Sweden can learn from the Netherlands when it comes to closer cooperation between universities and industry. The Netherlands has established strong clusters around universities, where start-ups and scale-ups naturally work side by side with researchers and large companies.  

Since 1984, IVA has regularly conducted international delegation trips under the name Royal Technology Mission (RTM). The focus is strategic technologies where the Netherlands is at the forefront, such as Artificial Intelligence, quantum technology, 6G, semiconductors, cybersecurity and foodtech. The Netherlands is one of Europe's most innovative countries with a strong tradition in education, research and innovation.  

A selection of the delegation's program items:

  • Delft University of Technology, one of the world's ten highest-ranked technical universities
  • House of Quantum Delta NL, a national quantum technology ecosystem
  • Leiden Bio Science Park ranks top 5 in Europe and top 10 in the world
  • Wageningen University and Research Foundation conducts research in foodtech, bio-based production, natural sciences and its impact on people's quality of life
  • The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and currently employs around 250,000 people
  • VDL Enabling Technologies Group develops and produces a wide range of industrial products
  • ASML Semiconductors, a global semiconductor company that supplies semiconductor manufacturers with components
  • NXP Semiconductors, a global semiconductor company that develops and manufactures a variety of components for industrial semiconductors
  • Philips is a technology company focused on healthcare products

IVA's delegation consisted of the following persons




His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden 


Marcus Wallenberg 


The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences 

Elin Elliot 

Vice-President External Relations 

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences 

Johannes Oljelund 

Ambassador of Sweden in The Hague, Netherlands 

The Swedish Embassy in The Hague 

Anders Lindberg 


Deputy Chair 

The Royal Swedish Academy  

of Engineering Sciences 

Anders Söderholm 


KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

Anna Jöborn 



Anna Wedell 


Karolinska Institutet 

Annika Ölme 



Björn Savén 


IK Investment 

Carl Bennet 


Carl Bennet AB 

Charles Brand 

Executive VP  

Tetra Pak 

Christofer Laurell 

VP Strategic Initiatives 


Darja Isaksson 

Director General 

Vinnova (Sweden's innovation agency) 

Dino Eklöf 


Wayoo AB 

Elisabet Österlund 

Secretary General 

Swedish Electronics 

Erik Ekudden 



Håkan Buskhe 



IVA's Business Executives Council  

Jenny Nordlöw 


Wallenberg Office 

Johan Kuylenstierna 

Director General 


Johan Schnürer 

Vice chancellor 

Örebro University 

Karl-Henrik Sundström 



Katarina Bjelke 

Director General  

The Swedish Research Council 

Lars-Erik Wernersson 


Lund University 

Malin Frenning 


Rise (Research institutes of Sweden) 

Maria Knutsson Wedel 

Vice chancellor 

SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) 

Martin Nilsson Jacobi 

President and CEO 

Chalmers University of Technology 

Patrik Fältström 

Head of Security 

Grid node 

Petter Bedoire 



Pia Sandvik 



Pontus Braunerhjelm 


Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum 

Pontus Johnson 


KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

Rikard Landberg 


Chalmers University of Technology 

Sverker Lundin 


Young Academy of Sweden 

Åsa Manelius 

Therapy Area Lead, Global Supply Chain & Strategy 


Ödgärd Andersson 


Zenseact AB 

Elin Elliot

Elin Elliot

Head of External Relations

External Relations

Telefon: +46 761 - 12 03 22