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Governance and management

IVA’s operations and mandate are regulated by the Academy’s statutes. IVA is governed by a Presidium that serves as the Academy’s board. The highest decision-making body at IVA is the Assembly of the Academy. IVA’s Secretariat and the Secretariat’s management team work to support the Academy’s operational activities, as well as driving development and change management work.

IVA’s President at the lectern during the Annual Meeting at City Hall
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IVA, founded in 1919, is a community of elected members active in the technical and economic sciences, or in areas where these are applied. The academy's task is to promote technical and economic sciences and business development for the benefit of society.

§1 IVA's statutes

Assembly of the Academy

The Assembly of the Academy is IVA’s highest decision-making body, in which all Fellows of IVA have voting rights. This is, for example, where decisions are taken on the election of Swedish Fellows following proposals from the Divisions. There are usually four regular assemblies and one public Annual Meeting each year.

Presidium 2023

Marcus Wallenberg


Stefan Bengtsson

Deputy Chair

Håkan Buskhe

Chair IVA’s Business Executives Council

Erik Ekudden

Deputy Chair

Kristina Edström

Deputy Chair

Anders Lindberg

Deputy Chair

Andreas Månsson


Chair IVA’s Student Council

Tuula Teeri

The Collegium of the Academy 

Prior to a decision in the Presidium, the task of the Collegium of the Academy is to discuss issues that concern all the Divisions, such as statutes and rules of procedure and the budget. The Collegium of the Academy includes the Chair of the Academy, the Chairs of the Divisions, the Chairs of the three Regional Networks and the President. The Secretary to the Academy and the Chairs of the Business Executives Council and the IVA’s Leadership Programme (IFG) are also called to the meetings. The other members of the Presidium are entitled to attend the Collegium of the Academy’s meetings. 

Regional boards

Gothenburg, Luleå and Malmö/Lund are nodes in IVA’s national network, with regional boards responsible for operations, supported by IVA’s Secretariat in Stockholm. The boards include Fellows of IVA and at least one representative from the IVA’s Business Executives Council, all with regional connections.

IVA North 

Pär Weihed, Chair, Ylva Fältholm, Deputy Chair, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Deputy Chair, Helene Biström, Mikael Elofsson, Jenny Greberg, Björn Jonsson, Niklas Jonsson, Hans-Erik Nilsson, Anders Sand, Maria Sunér, Alva Sjunnesson (co-opted), Moa Hansson (co-opted) and Eva Lagerblad (Secretary).

IVA West 

Victoria van Camp, Chair, Anna Dubois, Deputy Chair, Torbjörn HolmströmMichael PerssonFilip JohnssonUlrika Kolsrud, Attila Lundin (co-opted), Mahsan Rostamipour (co-opted),  Andreas Månsson (co-opted), Henrik Larson (co-opted), Gustaf Wahlström, Secretary. 

IVA South 

Björn Ekelund, Chair, Mats Benner, Deputy Chair, Annika Olsson, Deputy Chair, Roger BergJohan EklundUlf EllervikVictor ÖwallMarc HoffmannLouise Karsten (co-opted), Hjalmar Åhman (co-opted) and Jan Westberg, Secretary.

Management team IVA’s Secretariat

Tuula Teeri
Katarina Arneving

Operational support

Chief Financial Officer, Head of unit

+46 8-791 29 15


Ann Brunnberg

Chief Communications Officer

+46 72 077 38 08


Elin Elliot

External Relations

Head of External Relations

+46 761 - 12 03 22


Jessica Eripe

Operational support


+46 720 77 02 21


Fredrik Hörstedt
Michael Jacob
Monica Krutmeijer

Assistant to the President

+46 8 791 29 71


IVAs stadgar

IVA's way of working - Code of Conduct


Fredrik Hörstedt

Vice president

Telefon: +46 705 - 21 00 37