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IVA’s Student Council

The Student Council is a forum for socially engaged students who want to meet like-minded people and shape the society of tomorrow. It is a place to test ideas, hone skills and build networks for students who want to be involved in shaping the future of Sweden – and the world. The Student Council provides an important student and doctoral perspective on many aspects of IVA’s work.


About the Student Council

Members: Engineering and economics students/doctoral students from Sweden’s universities and colleges, as well as students/doctoral students from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Mandate period: Two years.

Recruitment: New members are recruited annually. 

Applications: Applications are made via Sweden’s colleges and universities, which nominate students.

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IVA Student Council 2022–23

Chair Andreas Månsson, University of Borås (2021–23)
Deputy Chair Evelina Dannert, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (2021–23)
Beatrice Ronsten, Linköping University (2022–24)
Reuben Vas, Uppsala University (2022–24)
Louise Karsten, Lund University of Technology (2021–23)
Alva Sjunnesson, Luleå University of Technology (2022–24)
Attila Lundin, Chalmers University of Technology (2022–24)
Clara Hernblom, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2022–24)
Hjalmar Åhman, Lund University of Technology (2021–23) 
Mahsan Rostamipour, Halmstad University (2022–24)
Spencer Robild, Stockholm School of Economics, (2021–23)

What does the Student Council do?

The entire Student Council convenes for at least four council meetings and one weekend conference per semester.

The Student Council also actively contributes to many aspects of IVA’s work. The members provide an important student and doctoral perspective as members of bodies such as steering and working groups, the Collegium of the Academy, the management teams for IVA South, IVA North, IVA West and IVA East, and the IVA’s four general thematic councils: World Class Knowledge, Business of the Future, Climate-Resources-Energy and Human-Technology-Society.

The Student Council can also organise its own activities, such as seminars and workshops, and run small-scale projects.

Linked to the Student Council is a mentoring programme to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between students and Fellows of IVA or representatives of companies who are members of the IVA’s Business Executives Council.


The Student Council engages students in social issues and promotes young people’s opportunities to make a difference.

Elin Elliot

Elin Elliot

Head of External Relations

External Relations

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