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Chester Carlson Research Award

The Chester Carlson Award is managed by IVA’s Foundation for Research in Information Science and is awarded to people, institutions or organisations for innovative research or development work in the field of information science.

Photo: Courtesy of Xerox Corporation


2021 Ali Ghodsi, University of California, Berkeley
2020 Peter Hedström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2015 Shahrouz Yousefi, Linnaeus University
2013 Carina Höglund, Linköping University
2011 Rüdiger Lincke, Linnaeus University 
2009 Albert Mihranyan, Uppsala University
2007 Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Award-winners are chosen by the Foundation’s Board of Directors every two years or as often as the Foundation’s funding allows. The award is given to researchers, preferably with a doctorate gained in recent years. Good entrepreneurial spirit is also a selection criterion.

Board members: Lars-Erik Eriksson, Amy Loutfi, Robin Teigland and Gösta Lemne.

Chester Carlson - the Swedish descendant who invented the copier

"Copying" was done by hand for a long time. Then came the "Xerox machine" and with it the concept of "taking a Xerox copy". Physicist and entrepreneur Chester Carlson's invention, which was patented in 1942, gained an importance for information management comparable to Gutenberg's printing press. His life's work can also be a good inspiration for today's IT researchers and entrepreneurs.

Three awards have been established to honor Chester's memory. One of them, the Chester Carlson Research Award, is managed by IVA's Fund for Research in Information Science. The funds in the fund were donated to IVA by The Xerox Foundation in 1985, one year after IVA's Royal Technology Mission (RTM) to the USA when, among others, Xerox Corporation was visited.


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