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Hans Werthén Foundation — disbursement and reporting

The Hans Werthén Foundation places great importance on receiving a general description of the most important experience gained from periods abroad funded by the scholarship — both in scientific/ scholarly terms and socially. The reports are used by the committee in its work, but also as information for future scholarship holders.


The Hans Werthén Foundation has the following scholarship disbursement routines:

  • When you can show that all preparations for your stay abroad are in order and your trip can begin, you can receive 50 per cent of the scholarship amount. (Provide a bank account number or equivalent.)
  • Half way through your stay abroad, you are expected to send a brief status report (max. one A4 page) to the Foundation, hw@iva.se, after which an additional 40 per cent of the scholarship will be disbursed.
  • The remaining 10 per cent will be disbursed after you have submitted a brief final report (max. two A4 pages). The final report must be submitted to the Foundation, hw@iva.se, no later than six months from the end of the scholarship period, or in accordance to agreement with the Foundation.

If no report is submitted, the remaining scholarship amount may be returned to the the Hans Werthén Foundation’s distributable funds. 


The brief status report, produced half way through the scholarship period, only needs to give an account of how your studies are progressing.

The main purpose of the final report is to provide a general description of the most important experience gained from the period abroad funded by the scholarship — both in scientific/scholarly terms and socially. This will be used by the committee in its work, but also as information for future scholarship holders.

The final report, which should be no more than two pages long, is to include the following:

  • A brief description of how your objectives have been met, when you received your certificate/diploma and, where applicable, the field of study for this, as well as the amount received.
  • A brief summary of how the work was executed based on the objectives for the scholarship, details of the results in layman's terms, whether the results were good, any difficulties experienced and any other significant experiences gained.
  • A brief account of the situation abroad (the university, the environment at your workplace and in the community, the social life, practical matters such as accommodation etc.) should also be provided. What was better than the equivalent in Sweden?
  • We would also like you to include a short section on how you see your immediate future with a comment on the significance of the scholarship.

Disbursement and reporting