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Commercial R&D investment

The project is launching an annual R&D barometer of how companies view the R&D investment climate in Sweden, presenting investment trends over time. IVA’s R&D barometer will make it easier to understand the trends, as well as informing proposed measures to help boost Sweden’s attractiveness for inward investment in R&D.

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R&D is one of the most important issues for Sweden as a nation. It is the future of Swedish industry, and without industry we have no one to pay for welfare.

Pontus de Laval, Steering Committee Chair

About the project

Commercial R&D investment

Duration: 2019-

Steering Committee Chair: Pontus de Laval

Project manager: Hampus Lindh

First produced in 2019, the R&D barometer is based on a survey of the Swedish climate for research and development (R&D) which is answered by R&D managers in Swedish businesses. A number of in-depth interviews are also conducted as a complement to the questionnaire.

The companies involved in the 2022 survey employ a total of around 54,500 people in R&D in Sweden, which equates to 72 percent of all R&D employees in the corporate sector, according to the latest figures from Statistics Sweden. Participants include some of the companies with the most R&D employees in Sweden, such as Ericsson, Saab, Volvo Cars, Scania, AB Volvo and Astra Zeneca.


Hampus Lindh

Project Manager


Telefon: +46 8-791 29 31