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Roadmap for Metals and Minerals

The green transition means a sharp increase in demand for metals and minerals. Today, a few countries outside Europe control these resources. But Sweden and other countries in the EU have great potential to secure their supply, not least through rich ore deposits. The main question for IVA's project Roadmap for Metals and Minerals is how Sweden and Europe can sustainably secure the supply of metals and minerals.

About the project

Roadmap for Metals and Minerals

Duration: 2022-2024

Steering Committee Chair: Elisabeth Nilsson

Project Manager: Karin Byman 

Funded by: ABB, Epiroc AB, LKAB, Ragn-Sells, Sandvik AB and Zinkgruvan Mining with support from Mistra (Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) and Swedish Mining Innovation, a joint initiative of Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine changed the conditions for international trade in metals and minerals. At the same time, Sweden and other EU countries have large ore deposits. Metals and minerals can also be recovered from existing products and waste. We are therefore well placed to meet the increased needs.

The project will:

  • Describe the conditions for a sustainable supply of metals and minerals in Europe.
  • Analyse the opportunities and obstacles to securing the supply of metals and minerals for the green transition in a sustainable manner.
  • Present concrete proposals and recommendations to politicians and other decision-makers in Sweden and the EU.

A steering group chaired by Elisabeth Nilsson lead the project.

Expert Groups

The main part of the work is carried out in three expert groups with the working titles:

Extraction, Chair Magnus Ericsson

Focus on primary and secondary extraction, i.e., from mines and mine waste, and the value chains required to secure the supply of metals and minerals. The group analyses different options and what is needed to create robust flows.

Circular Flows, Chair Mikael Dahlgren

The group works on circular material and product flows with a focus on the metals and minerals that are strategic in the green transition. Key issues are how to increase the recycling of these materials, how to extend the lifetime of different products and how to remove the main barriers to circular design and circular business models.

Politics and Public Acceptance, Chair Gert Nilsson

The central issue is the barriers and conflicting goals associated with the entire value chain around metals and minerals. An important aspect is how to increase the acceptance of the industries and material flows needed to secure the supply of metals and minerals for a fossil-free society.

Steering Committee and Expert Groups

See all members of the project's Steering Committee and three Expert Groups: Extraction, Circular Flows and Politics and Public Acceptance.

Reference Groups

See all members of the project's International and Political Reference Groups.


Karin Byman

Project Manager

Technology and economics

Telefon: +46 70-574 70 72