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Schools for Our Times

Schools for Our Times (Skola i tiden) is a long-term project aimed at promoting the development of Swedish schools so that they meet the long-term knowledge needs of students and society, and consolidate Sweden’s position as a knowledge nation.

About the project

Schools for Our Times

Duration: 2019 - 

Steering Committee Chair: Björn O. Nilsson

Project Manager: Charlotta Elmgren

The purpose of project’s work is to help establish strong and equitable schooling that promotes democracy, confidence in the future and knowledge in a changing world. The focus is on compulsory and upper secondary schooling, with a particular emphasis on compulsory schools.

Sub-projects within Schools for Our Times

Schools and teachers are the cornerstones of positive social development. IVA is convinced that knowledge of technology, economics and related fields of science provides humanity with better conditions for a good life. Schools for Our Times has therefore launched the following two sub-projects: 

Teachers, Industry, Welfare (Lärare, Industri, Välfärd)

This sub-project surveys and suggests opportunities for collaborations between the business community, the public sector, academia and politics that might encourage people into teaching, because schools and teachers are the cornerstones of positive social development and our country’s competitiveness. The working group is led by Elisabet Nihlfors, Professor of Pedagogy at Uppsala University. 

In September 2022, the sub-project released the report ‘Närsamhället och bildning. Initiativ för ökad lärarförsörjning och lärares professionella kompetensutveckling.’ (Local community and education. Initiatives for increasing teacher supply and teachers’ professional development). 

In November 2022, a seminar was held at Vetenskapens Hus in Luleå titled ‘How will northern Sweden be able to grow when schools have to close? Teacher shortages threaten green industrial investment in the north!’.

Schools for a Sustainable Future (Skola för en hållbar framtid)

This sub-project highlights how schools as an educational institution can and should contribute to sustainable social development, based on the UN’s global goals. The working group is led by Pia Sandvik, Associate Professor of Quality Technology and CEO of RISE.


Charlotta Elmgren

Project Manager

Skills Supply

Telefon: +46 72-070 19 94