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IVA project expands collaboration between South Korea and Sweden

On 19-20 April, the 2023 Korea-Sweden R2B Forum will be held in South Korea's capital Seoul, a brand new meeting place for the utilisation and commercialisation of research in collaboration between Sweden's and South Korea's innovation systems. The concept is inspired by IVA's Research2Business initiative and IVA's 100 list, and IVA participates as a partner in the forum.

The Korea-Sweden R2B Forum will offer a meeting place for research projects from Swedish and South Korean universities and institutes with the potential to create benefits, for example through industrial commercialization, business and method development or societal impact. The organizers expect 200-300 participants from universities and companies in South Korea and Sweden.

"By building bridges between academia and the business community, we provide opportunities for potentially world-changing research to realise its commercial and social value. The Korea-Sweden R2B Forum aims to make it easier for researchers and companies in Sweden and South Korea to find each other and together create innovation and new business opportunities," says IVA's president Tuula Teeri, who will hold the forum's opening speech together with Bong-so Kim. President COMPA (Commercialization Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes).

Hopefully the forum will be the start of a more long-term collaboration, and directly entail concrete positive effects in both Sweden and South Korea by, above all:

  • Sweden as a knowledge nation is promoted in South Korea,
  • strengthen links with innovation environments in South Korea;
  • knowledge about South Korea is increasing in the Swedish innovation system.

The forum especially welcomes start-up companies from the Swedish academic world that want to find partners in South Korea who can continue to develop or commercialize results of Swedish research.

Swedish companies that are interested in scouting technology from Korean start-ups derived from research at Korean universities are also welcomed.

2023 The Korea-Sweden R2B Forum is organized by the Swedish Embassy in Seoul, the Korean Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Korean COMPA (The Commercializations Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes) with support from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and Yonsei Technology Holdings.