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Interested in the Business Executives Council?

Being a member of the Business Executives Council puts you at the heart of IVA’s network which, in addition to around 250 company representatives at executive level, comprises close to 1,300 Swedish and international Fellows of IVA.

IVA is an open and cross-disciplinary meeting place. Over the course of a year, more than 100 meetings, seminars, workshops, hearings and study trips are organised in Sweden and internationally. The Business Executives Council also runs several of its own networks that gather people in leading positions to exchange experience on current and shared areas of interest. 

The Business Executives Council roots IVA in the business community, making it an essential part of the Academy. The members contribute to the work and development of the Academy and to issues concerning areas such as business, education and research policy. The annual fees from the members of the Business Executives Council are a key element of IVA’s long-term funding and are based on the number of employees that they have in Sweden.

Membership of IVA’s Business Executives Council is not personal, but is linked to companies or organisations represented by the CEO and persons appointed by the CEO within the organisation.

IVA’s Business Executives Council gives member companies:

    • a broader and stronger network within academia, business and politics
    • the possibility of new partnerships
    • the ability to contribute to, and benefit from, the exchange of experience and knowledge and the accumulation of knowledge supporting the continued competitiveness of Swedish business

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Anna Carlsson

Project Manager

External Relations

Telefon: +46 8 7912990

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