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IVA’s 100 List: current research with potential to create value

IVA's annual 100 List highlights current research with the potential to create value through commercialization, business and method development or societal impact. Find carefully selected research projects from Sweden's higher education institutions, where all participants are interested in increased contacts with the business community.





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Trafiktorn för uppkopplade självkörande fordon - IVAs 100-lista 2022

Genom att systematiskt integrera artificiell och mänsklig intelligens i reglersystemet för uppkopplade och automatiserade fordon, tar vi tekniken till en ny nivå och möjliggör för sådana fordon att hantera komplexa trafiksituationer.


MindMend - IVAs 100-lista 2019

MindMend is the first researched based digital CBT treatment platform for children, youths and adults with ADHD.

Smart products & services

Empatik AI - IVAs 100-lista 2022

We develop AI that understands multimodal human emotions and improves communication by developing artificial empathy.

Society & welfare

DPerNews - IVAs 100-lista 2019

DperNews utvecklar AI-baserade automatisering- och personaliseringslösningar för att stärka nyhetsmedierna.


Nano4Water - IVAs 100-lista 2022

Nano4Water offers sustainable water treatment using fully biobased materials and products for simultaneous removal of larger micron scale pollutants and smaller molecular scale charged pollutants from water.

Green & blue industries

mindfulHU - IVAs 100-lista 2019

Based on Bin Zhu’s PhD research at KTH, mindfulHU combines the Eastern meditative traditions with interactive technologies. Our solution is to bring the personalized service of breathing techniques to people’s daily life, for well being anytime and anywhere.


wearITmed - IVAs 100-lista 2019

The overall objective is to improve treatment of people with epilepsy and Parkinson's disease by developing advanced tools for objective detection and quantification of symptoms.


Trustworthy IoT - IVAs 100-lista 2019

Deploying Internet of Things (IoT) applications in key sectors, e.g., health, industry automation, transportation, cannot create new risks.

Society & welfare

Effektivt, resilient och hållbart beslutsfattande - IVAs 100-lista 2020

Vi utvecklar och tillämpar metoder för ett effektivt, resilient och hållbart beslutsfattande i privat och offentlig sektor.

Society & welfare

Mistra REES - IVAs 100-lista 2020

REES – Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking!

Business models
Circular economy

About IVA’s 100 List

IVA’s annual 100 List pulls together a wide range of research projects from Swedish higher education institutions on topical themes. The selection process picks out the projects that are deemed to offer the greatest potential to create value through commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. All the participating researchers are interested in closer contact with the business community for the application and continued development of their projects.

All about IVA’s 100 List – Q&A

By building bridges between the communities of research and business, we give research with the potential to change the world a greater opportunity to be put to good use.