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IVA’s Business Executives Council

IVA is an open and cross-disciplinary meeting place. An independent academy that builds bridges between science, business and politics. IVA’s Business Executives Council roots IVA in the business community, making it an essential part of the Academy. The 250 or so member companies make a strong contribution to the development of the Academy, and have considerable scope to influence issues in areas such as business, education and research policy.

The strong links with business are vital for the work of the Academy, and employees of the companies and organisations that are members of the Business Executives Council have many opportunities to participate in the Academy’s activities. Over the course of a year, more than 100 meetings, seminars, workshops, hearings and study trips are organised in Sweden and internationally. 

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For 100 years, IVA has been dedicated to taking Sweden into the future. The Business Executives Council and I look forward to continuing this going forward. 

Magdalena Gerger, Chair IVA’s Business Executives Council

The Business Executives Council’s networks

The four networks of the Business Executives Council are active forums where people in leading positions have the opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and ideas within common areas of interest.

IVA’s Leadership Programme (IFG)

Young leaders in research, development and innovation are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership, and stimulate ideas of strategic importance for the future of Swedish industry. Participation is primarily offered to employees of Business Executives Council members.

All member companies

IVA’s Business Executives Council comprises around 250 companies and organisations from the industrial and service sectors. Both private and public enterprises participate. You can see all the current members here!

Interested in membership?

Being a member of the Business Executives Council puts you at the heart of IVA’s network which, in addition to around 250 company representatives at executive level, comprises close to 1,300 Swedish and international Fellows of IVA.

Board of IVA’s Business Executives Council

Magdalena Gerger

Chair IVA’s Business Executives Council

Ödgärd Andersson

IVA West, Zenseact

Roger Berg

IVA South, Saab Kockums

Ulrika Dellby

Entrepreneur and board worker

Klas Forsström

Munters Group AB

Mohammed Homman


Niklas Jonsson

Norrlandsfonden, IVA Nord

Jenny Larsson

Deputy Chair IVA’s Business Executives Council

Schneider Electric

Lars Lindbom


Adjunct member of the board

Gunilla von Platen

Co-Partner Transcom, entrepreneur


Anna Carlsson

Project Manager

External Relations

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