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The Academy’s Gold Medals

For more than a century, IVA has celebrated excellence in technology, economics, business and society by awarding Gold Medals to people who, through their outstanding achievements, have helped to create a better society.

Annual award

Gold medals are awarded every year to people who, through outstanding deeds, have contributed to creating a better society.

IVA's Great Gold Medal is awarded to the person who has made a particularly outstanding deed within the academy's field of activity.

IVA's Gold Medal is awarded for meritorious work within the academy's field of activity.

Decisions on who will be awarded are made by the Academy Assembly, based on proposals prepared by the Medal Committee whose members are appointed by the Presidium.

Medallists 1921–2021

Mikael Dolsten, Sara Mazur, Daniel Ek, Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder and Sverker Sörlin are just some of the gold medallists from recent years. View the list of IVA medallists over the course of a whole century here. (PDF in Swedish)

Medallists from the archive

Behind each medal is an exciting story about a person, a time and a contribution to social development. Meet 15 medallists who demonstrate the breadth of the achievements that the Academy has rewarded over the past century. (PDF in Swedish)

Gold Medals are awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Academy