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R2B Summit & Sessions

IVA’s Research2Business project develops new meeting places and meeting formats for the commercial and social utilisation of research. During the annual national R2B Summit, selected researchers meet decision-makers with responsibility for innovation, research and development at companies and organisations. The R2B Sessions give a small number of researchers per meeting the opportunity to discuss their research with invited participants.

R2B Summit

The R2B Summit is a unique meeting place and opportunity for researchers and companies to find each other and work together on innovations and new business opportunities. Over the course of the day, a selection of researchers from IVA’s 100 List are given the opportunity to introduce and discuss their research, find new ways to apply their research by learning more about the needs of the companies, and make contacts there and then for potential future collaborations.

"I was inspired by speakers, I made contacts with relevant people, interesting presentations.", "Good to be able to try out your ideas on a new mix of stakeholders!", "Contacts with the business world, and some other interesting projects that could become collaborations. " These were some of the comments after the 2023 R2B Summit.

R2B Sessions

The R2B Sessions give a limited number of researchers per meeting the opportunity to present and discuss their research with invited participants. 

The purpose of the R2B Sessions is to provide more than just a regular presentation by creating scope for dialogue and questions, and thus a deeper understanding of the research team’s projects and their ideas on commercial applications. The dialogue format also enables the researcher to receive valuable feedback and answers to questions from intended or potential target groups or partners. 

The R2B Summit and Sessions are organised by IVA’s Research2Business project (R2B), a long-term initiative that the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) runs to promote collaboration between researchers and the business community. 

By building bridges between the research and business communities, we offer greater opportunities for potentially world-changing research to realise its commercial and social value, while increasing Swedish competitiveness.

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